x Best virtual event platforms of 2023: simple solutions for your needs

Best virtual event platforms of 2023

Learn how to create a virtual event using engaging video content and participants. Let’s look at the tools we have at our disposal for working with digital audiences.

Zoom service

The American business set out on a global self-isolation wave. You can hold meetings, video conferences, brainstorming sessions, and more with Zoom. Chat, screen sharing, the ability to mute specific users, and conference recording are among the features. The app can be used on a computer or smartphone. You can hold meetings with up to 1000 video participants using the cloud platform.

Add a meeting to the calendar that is protected by a password. Free meetings lasting up to forty minutes. Only paid accounts can use certain features. Government agencies do not use zoom events because there are concerns about their privacy.

ON24 platform

Companies from all over the world use it as a webinar platform. On top of that, ON24 also offers a virtual event platform. When should you select ON24 as your virtual event platform?

The platform is easy to understand. Participants in the conference do not require any additional downloads or plugins. A browser is used to gain access. Getting started with your presentation only requires a few simple steps.

Integration of CRM for lead generation: Both lead generation and CRM are crucial. ON24’s automated logistics, metrics, and analytics are compatible with all major CRM platforms. This facilitates A/B testing with various marketing models and ensures that marketing strategies are consistent.

Accelevents option

It was established in 2014 in the United States and is a powerful, yet affordable, all-in-one virtual event platform. Ticket sales, live streaming, chat and polls, virtual booths for exhibitors, discussion sessions, AI-powered networking, gamification, and other features are available on the platform for shared event hosting. It is possible to host events for 100 or 100,000 people. Using AI-powered networking tools like one-on-one meetings, discussion groups, online parties, fireplace chat rooms, and so on, attendees can build strong professional relationships.

Analytics tools are available to help organizers figure out which sessions or speakers performed best and even measure the return on investment (ROI) of virtual booths used by exhibitors. With booths, you can make a virtual exhibition where exhibitors can host live demonstrations, chat with attendees, set up meetings, add marketing materials, and more.

Hopin platform

Hopin offers virtual conference rooms that you can join via YouTube live or use their own video streaming platform to stream to speakers. Hopin has a matching algorithm that uses predetermined parameters to match people. Based on ticket types, the website makes it simple to set options like the maximum duration of a meeting and who can meet with whom. Hopin excels at networking, which is the power of in-person gatherings.

This solution works well as a platform for virtual events if you need a lot of networking opportunities, like one-on-one meetings; sponsored showroom, breakout sessions, and a virtual stage; a virtual backstage where hosts and presenters can meet prior to the show, flexibility in branding, and the capacity to invite up to 2,000 live viewers.